Start with a sound strategy and rely on the right tools turn it into reality.

Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians (McKinsey). Plus companies with more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenue (Boston Consulting Group (BCG)).

Once your organization is committed to diversifying your workforce, what does it take to see results?

Begin by assessing your current situation and desired diversity goals

Look to your talent pipeline metrics to evaluate your company’s diversity efforts. Examine your company today and compare it to a point in time in the past, along with your competition and job market. That information will help you identify where your organization can make improvements.

Start by looking at the number of diversity candidates applying to positions. Next, explore how many diversity candidates make it to first- and second-round of interviews. Examine:

  • How many apply?
  • How many are offered positions?
  • How many accept those roles?
  • Are there certain stages in your selection process where many diversity candidates fall off?
  • What are the common reasons diversity candidates are rejected?

This will help uncover areas for improvement in your hiring diversity process.

Turning diversity hiring objectives into reality

You know your company only has so much HR and talent recruitment bandwidth. The key to success in today’s diversity-focused culture is to develop an outreach management strategy that brings together vetted resources to create lasting relationships and deliver candidates to your door.

It’s impossible for most companies to find, monitor and post jobs to every diversity website. You need a way to find the right place to post your jobs and even more importantly, you need to connect to organizations that work directly with your target demographic groups.

LocalJobNetwork’s diversity solution does just that. We eliminate the complex and time-consuming task of having to find organizations in your recruiting area and making the connections needed to develop a partnership.

With LocalJobNetwork, you can easily access a directory of 20,000+ community organizations that serve target groups such as women, minorities, veterans, LGBTQA, and individuals with disabilities. These organizations partner closely with job-seekers in their specific areas, so they are an ideal conduit to diversity candidates. LocalJobNetwork then connects you with the right contacts at each of these organizations responsible for employment services so you can directly communicate with them and impact your diversity goals.

See how LocalJobNetwork lets you easily select the diversity groups you’re looking to reach. 

LocalJobNetwork Diversity Dashboard


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